The Passionate Pursuit

Free-Verse Poem, Holy Spirit Inspired 

My Redeemer, my Lord, my God, my King, my Friend and my Brother. He extended mercy and grace to me even while in my miry clay. Even in my day, I yelled, “Crucify him!” I scoffed at his suffering but yet he lifted up his bloody brow to heaven, looked to his Holy Father and said, “Forgive her father, she knows not what she is doing.” He pursued my stony heart, like a love sick gentleman, I finally accepted his hand. I cried every tear left in me and he did not let one teardrop waste to the ground…he captured them all. The scales fell from my eyes, he led me through the torn veil; he introduced me to his and my holy Father, “You were never forgotten my daughter.” My name is graven in his stripes. He gave me a new heart of flesh, I’m healed and made whole. He is simply enough for a child’s mind, complex enough for the most learnt. I only have one question: What manner of LOVE is this?!

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