Bringing Down The Giants

December  19th  2017

This post is about a  dream.

In the dream, I came face to face with 2 giants at separate times. The first one came in my face trying to intimidated me with his physical appearance and tall stature. I quickly felt the power of the Holy Spirit rise up in me and I commanded it to leave now. The second giant came my way and even more furious than the first giant. This giant looked very

odd, not fully human but yet had the features a man. His face was big and solid as a huge pig. This second giant had a blue face that kept getting more deep blue as it continued to huff and puff at me. I sensed he was upset that I was not intimidated and was able to expel the first  giant so easily. I confronted this blue-faced giant and placed my hand on it’s for head with the intention to command the demon to leave. At that moment, I quickly heard the Holy Spirit say, ” This is not a man with a demon, this is a demon itself.”  The Holy Spirit quickly gave me the instruction on how to command the giant demon out of my sight. I started commanding it in Jesus name to leave now!                       Every time I mentioned Jesus’ name the giant blue faced demon tilt backwards. By God’s grace I woke up out of this dream as I gave that last command to leave and I saw it falling backwards. I woke up with my heart pounding, not out of fear but from adrenaline and Holy Spirit working through me in this dream. Upon waking, I immediately heard the Holy Spirit say to me “Women are bringing the giants down”

{{UPDATE: December 21, 2017 ~ Yesterday as I continued to think on this dream, I asked Holy Spirit what those giant demons represented. As the day went by, I was listening to this man of God deliver a sermon. He mentioned the word  “Pride” within his sermon and a scene from my dream quickly came to my mind. The Holy Spirit recalled to my mind how the blue-faced giant was huffing and puffing and coming towards me with great intimidation with it’s shoulders elevated and chest puffed up and out. Holy Spirit said, “This is Pride, the giant” Both giants represents Pride, the second giant being, more proud than the first one. ~May all Proud giants here and now in our society/nations fall down and die in Jesus’ Name. }}

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WOMEN: Stand firm and with great boldness. Command every giant to leave in Jesus name. The spirit of Pride that wants to intimated you or frustrate the plans that God has for you. You have the power of the Holy Spirit in you to lead you in this victory. Don’t turn your back and run. Don’t give up the work God has entrusted you with for this is exactly what the giants wants you to do. The difficulties you may find in your financial situation, your health, your marriage, your children, your education, your visa, your housing, your relationship with family and friends are all challenges the enemy wants you to be overwhelmed and to give up.                As I mentioned earlier, the Lord God has a word of encouragement and promise for you: “Women are bringing down the giants!”

I was astonished to find that there is an image that closely resembles the second giant in my dream with the  blue face.                      The pictures below is a fictional creature which is an alien from “Star Trek” which was a popular show in the United States.

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