His Body


I am preparing my body to a great awakening that will take place, this awakening will show everyone where they stand before me holy or not. “It’s too hard,” they say,” how can we stay holy in such a world with all the types of contaminates.” They do not curb their lust and worldly desires. They think doing certain things will not offend me. They believe the lies of the enemy and fall for the things that brings death. What are these things you ask?

Sexual immorality. Believers who claim they love me and honor me defile their marriage bed with sexual immoral acts. They bring things of the world into what I have consecrated in marriage. They say it’s alright if we do such things, we are married. We are OK before the Lord our God. As if marriage covers a multitude of sins. No, It is I, the Lord, with my love for the world I had my son Jesus, the Christ, to die a horrible death. It is the love that we share that a multitude of sins can be covered.

Perversion of justice to those who do not know me. Instead of bringing light to the darkness to those who do not know me, they become a stumbling block to them. They say and think in their hearts, “As Christian’s we do not have to “like” them because they are not of us.” These believers are lamps beneath a table not up on the table where others can see and find their way out. They keep their mouths shut when they see sin. They do not open their mouths and speak life and truth into the lives of those who need it. They read the scriptures; they know that I can set the captives free but they keep silent as if I am a God who shows favoritism, or a God of the elite.

I am the Lord God who wants to bring my love to the broken hearted, hope to the hopeless, and faith to the faithless. My church, my body, you are my hands, you are my feet, you are my mouth. I have great and wonderful things to do through you, but I must go by other means to get them done.

Many sign up to work but only a few show up to actually work. Some thinks this is all I need to get to heaven, accept Jesus and do “good” in life and I’m in heaven. They do not follow the scriptures and what I  have required my people to do in this earth. I have required prayer, mercy and love, which will hold back the gates of hades and bring the lost to myself. I need committed people, those who will consecrate themselves and ask of my will in their lives. I know the hearts of all men, I will lay my purpose and my vision into the hearts of those who I see committed to my ways, says the Lord God.


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