Holy Desires

November 10, 2009


Desire:  to wish or long for, want, craves. To express a wish for.

  • What makes them Holy?  ~They are from God, and God is Holy.
  • Holy desires have a divine purpose to achieve and establish God’s  plan

In our lives which also involves other people.

  • We should look past ourselves when we pray for our hearts desires
  • As we desire, we will began to speak it. In order for the Lord’s plan to be established here on earth it must be spoken in the authority given to us in the name of Jesus.

Some Holy desires may seem personal for example “I want a Mercedes Benz.”

You start to burn with that desire and after you’ve followed biblical applications and leaving it to God’s will (counsel with others, Can I afford such a purchase?)

You believe and start speaking this desire into the earth.

Now the Lord has blessed you with this vehicle and you thank God for such a

blessing and that’s it, right?  Well, no, it doesn’t stop there. That testimony of yours will help someone else believe God for a Holy desire that the Lord has put on their heart. It’s a ripple effect.

The enemy is aware that our blessing(s) will bless another so his goal is to try his best to keep our blessing from taking place. These are some situations we might be faced with:

1. You don’t pray about you’re desire (ask and you shall receive)-Matthew 21:22 John 14:13

2. You doubt if it possible (without faith it is impossible to please God) – Hebrews 11:6

3. You don’t have the right motives (you have not because you ask with the wrong motives)-James 4:3

4. You try to achieve this desire in your own strength. (Not by might nor by power

but by my spirit says the Lord Almighty) – Zechariah 4:6

How could your blessing, bless another person? Think about it. Our blessing brings the glory to God. The enemy wanted and still want the glory that is rightfully God’s; hence the reason of his fallen state.

Hebrews 11:6 – And without faith it is impossible to please God..

Pleasing God means he gets all the glory before and after.

If we do not stand in faith, He will not get the glory He deserves.

This is what the enemy wants to happen.

As we keep believing, hoping, and waiting on God for our need, the devil is outdone. The enemy would say to himself, “These people just keep believing, they are keeping their faith.” We start receiveing blessings in finances, children, peace, and salvation. And to think all of this started with a holy desire.

AUTHORITY- Who really is in charge?

 Authority –the right and power to command, enfore laws, exact obedience, determine, or judge. (The authoriy in Jesus’s name. His strength is perfect. 2Corinth 12:8) 

 Christ had to manifest himself to human form( fully God, fully man) because:

  1.  A Spirit has no authority on this earth (I believe this is why the

uses us believers as his vessel) –Psalm 115:5-7,16

  1. Take back the authority Adam lost to the devil.

(Dominon was given to Adam)- Genesis 1:26

  1. To establish the word of God on earth(the new covenant) and fulfill the prophecies- Matthew 4:17


The enemy desires as well, but his desires are anything but holy.

(Yes, even angles, fallen or not, desire)-1Peter 1:12

I ask the lord, “You created him, how could he possible think he could out do you; the creator of heaven and earth.”

His response to me; I created all living things with a desire to serve and bring glory to me. I am God, this is an attribute of mine anthing else is not of me. If you force a child to do something they don’t want to do, yet they do it out of fear or intimidation than you are not in authority. But the child that does something you ask them and they willingly and obediently do it (even if its not of their main interest) then that person truly has the authority because the task was completed with a mind of love and respect

If you have to force, manipulate put fear into someone to do something you ask of them, then you do no have authority. The person you are bossing around is the one in authority because they are completing the task out of their own strength.

At any moment that person can turn back to you and refuse any task you have asked of him/her. The person in proper authority gets the task done through empowering the person with words of encouragement, taking a genuine interest in their life, giving ear to that person’s concerns .

What does authority have to do with having holy desires?

The Lord will not force his will on us, he says his yolk is

easy and his burden is light. What he will do is stir our hearts

with a desire that we will ask him to help us acheive. Praying

In the authority that we have in Jesus name asking him for his will and giving him complete lordship over our life (a non-believer or back-slider may not be engaged in prayer. This is where conviction by the power of the Holy Spirit comes in.)

As we let go and let Him work in us and through us; his Kingdom’s plan will be established here on earth using us as vessels.

If it is his will for us, our faith mixed with the Word of God will bring it to past.


Ways to know if a desire is truly from God:

1. It does not go away easily; it becomes a burning passion in your heart to           further the kingdom of God.

2. Other believers’ share the same/similar experience (encourages others to not give up, keep praying and believing)

3. It lines up with one or more of God’s promises to us as his children.


1. Asking with the right motive

2. Pray (leave it to Jesus in His strength it won’t happen on your own)

3. Believe it; start speaking it (back it up with scripture)

4. Wait on the Lord; it must happen in his timing (the hardest part)

5. Giving glory to God until the desire manifest in the natural.

**Although this may be a holy desire, we have our part to do as well. Our God is just and orderly; he will require all the necessary steps to see his plan be established. Our enemy is always accusing us before the Lord, so we should

leave no open gates for him to tamper with (doesn’t mean he won’t try)


 1.  It will sanctify the believer

2.  It will bring salvation to the lost (act 13:6-12 emphasize verse 7 and 12)

3.  It will heal the sick who is believing for healing

4.  It will bring restoration to marriages, families, and friends

5.  It will usher us into our divine calling

This is how the Lord works through his people; believers and non-believers into a position of holiness serving God, waiting on the return of the Christ.

“Our desires are not safe with satan, for satan desires to kill, steal and destroy all of our dreams.  As we give the Lord the desires of our inner most being, God Himself will take those desires and return them to us with the tools we need to cultivate “the garden of our desires”.  But we must first give them to Him, so He can return them to us with all we need to work with as we witness our desires “spring forth” in due season. http://www.christianestateplanning.net)


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